Absen Partners with ShareCRM to Build Industry-Leading Platform

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In the post-pandemic era, as the global economy recovers, LED display manufacturers are expecting growth in markets such as tourism, commercial displays and etc. Meanwhile,overseas consumer demands are also rapidly increasing. Facing fierce competition, global expansion and digital transformation have emerged as crucial competitive advantages for leading enterprises.
Recently, Absen, a leading LED display company, announced its performance forecast for 2023H1. During this period, Absen achieved a revenue of approximately 1.59 billion RMB, representing a remarkable growth of 44.72% compared to the same period last year. Notably, overseas revenue surged to around 1.142 billion RMB, marking an impressive growth of 63.40%.

< Absen is one of the world's largest LED manufacturers >

Absen's annual report highlights their steadfast commitment to digital transformation and their ongoing efforts to enhance overseas sales and service capabilities, which serve as core competitive strengths driving their consistent growth.

Over the years, Absen has made substantial investments in digital transformation. Recently, Absen partnered with leading SaaS CRM provider ShareCRM to jointly create a comprehensive and connected CRM system. This integrated system seamlessly incorporates marketing, sales, and service processes on both domestic and international fronts, further propelling the advancement of Absen's digital transformation.

Following months of meticulous planning and seamless implementation, the Absen CRM project has been successfully launched, demonstrating smooth and efficient system operations. The system covers 140+ countries and regions, serving over 49,000 CRM sales clients, 900 CRM marketing and service personnel, 6,000+ channel partners, and facilitating over 78,000 daily business interactions.

In recognition of ShareCRM’s contribution, Absen conveyed their gratitude through a thank-you letter accompanied by a commemorative plaque bearing the inscription "Seeking truth and win-win, mutual appreciation."

"Aiming at the key account management and channel system management of Absen's domestic and international global systems, they put forward many valuable business optimization and improvement plans, which won the unanimous recognition and praise of our company's personnel in various key positions," the thank you Letter says.

Overall, the CRM system has established an end-to-end CRM framework, connecting the entire value chain of Absen and delivering four major values:

1、Integrated sales system management for domestic and international business, enabling full lifecycle customer operations.
2、Construction of a digital channel management system, upgrading channel management capabilities comprehensively.
3、CRM system integrates with 13 systems, including SAP, OA, WeCom and so on.
4、Streamlining and optimizing business processes, enhancing sales project conversion rates.
Moving forward, the ShareCRM project team will ensure the stable operation of Absen's CRM system, driving Absen's continuous growth with industry insights and innovative technologies. 

About Absen

Absen, founded in 2001, is one of the world's largest LED manufacturers. It has a headquarter in Shenzhen and 14 subsidiaries globally, including Absen USA, Absen Germany and etc. Absen specializes in advertising displays, stage displays and more. Its products are exported to over 140 countries and regions across the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.




艾比森已持续投入数字化建设多年,为了构建引领光电行业的数智化平台,艾比森与头部 SaaS CRM服务商ShareCRM达成合作,共同打造艾比森独有的全方位的的连接型CRM系统,拉通国内外的营销,销售,产研,服务全流程,进一步升级数字化变革。

经过数月的规划实施,艾比森的CRM系统已经成功上线并稳定运营。系统覆盖140+国家&地区、4.9万CRM 销售客户、900人CRM营销服体系人员、6000+ 家渠道商、每天交互7.8万业务 。












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